The Beginning

Dear Fellow Dog Owners,

Welcome to Barkley Manor!

The idea for Barkley Manor was born as Dudley, my ever-gorgeous retriever/ poodle cross, reached his first birthday. Being a regular in various local parks and beaches, Dudley had made some wonderful new friends, many of whom have become regular play dates at my home. Because I was working from home, Dudley and his friends had constant supervision, and even me as an extra playmate on occasion!

As the word spread the play dates increased, and so did the requests for overnight and even long weekend stays, but while I love having a houseful of doggies, neither my time nor my garden are big enough to accommodate them all!

So that got me thinking – there was no doubt that we, as owners, had a need, but after much research there seemed to be no real or convenient alternative

In the USA, dog daycare services had been in existence for many years and was one of the fastest growing pet industries. However, on visiting a variety of these daycares, the difference in quality and services was huge; some were little more than unpleasant-smelling concrete rooms, while others offered an amazing array of daily dog care services. I came away disappointed with the style and approach of some, and in awe of the possibilities presented by others. So, inspired by the opportunity, the essence of Barkley Manor took shape. After many months searching I found an amazing property, and the option to offer not only a substantial daycare that could cater for all shapes and sizes of dogs, but also grooming, training and even retail facilities became a reality.

At the heart of Barkley Manor is my desire to create a truly unique environment – a cage-free, off-leash, gorgeous-looking play and grooming haven - where dogs can truly be dogs, and in turn owners can feel good, rather than bad about leaving their dogs home alone during the day. I want to provide a centrally located, dedicated facility that offers you as busy owners the ultimate in convenience, and services that are tailored to your dog’s unique needs.

I have been blown away by the support and feedback I have received from my two-legged friends – but nothing can compare to seeing all the wonderful array of dogs playing in daycare.

I believe Barkley Manor is about you, and the life you and your dog want to lead. Dudley and his new brother Rory, think it’s about hanging out with their mates and playing all day… I’ll leave you or your own dog to decide.

We look forward to meeting you soon