We see dogs as members of a Barkley Manor social club – open to casual visitors or weekly / monthly regulars.

Our packages are designed to let you choose a rate that suits you best.


Daycare Rates
  Sessions Package price Price per day/session Added extras
Joining fees
Evaluation Meet and Greet session 

15 - 30 minute meeting with parents and loved one - followed by a daycare session (not included in fee )


For past clients wishing to return


 slow re-introduction back

Full day  $43.00

full rate applied if no package credits

  Half day  $25.00

full rate applied if no package credits


To take advantage of a day rate that suits you best we offer Full Day and Half Day packages - payable in advance

 Full Day Packages
5 full day credits
 $190.00 $ 38.00

Packages expire after 12 months

  10 full day credits
 $350.00 $ 35.00
  15 full day credits
 $495.00  $33.00

Packages expire after 12 months

  20 full day credits
 $640 $ 32.00

 N.B. Full day credits cannot be used for half day services

Half day is defined as pick up anytime before 1.00 pm

 Half Day Packages
5 half day credits
$ 110.00 $ 22.00

Packages expire after 12 months

  10 half day credits
$ 200.00
$ 20.00

 N.B Half day credits cannot be used for Full day services

Multi Dog Rates
 Two Dogs
$ 35.00 p.d

  5 full day credits  $265.00  $26.50 p.d
  10 full day credits
$480  $24.00 p.d

 Further multi dog rates, ie half day packages, larger packages or more dogs, available on request

Late fees

Our hours of operation are 7.15 to 6.00pm ( full day ) and 1.00 pm ( half day )

drop off time no later than 9.30 am
Members will be charged late fees for any drop off or pick up later then these times, unless agreed prior

  First 15 minutes   $ 10.00  
  Every further 15 minutes   $ 10.00


Full Grooming Services

At Barkley Manor we pride ourselves on tailoring our services for you and your dog’s needs.  When you bring your dog in for its appointment we will discuss your wishes in detail and will provide an estimate of time and a quote.  All types of grooming from full groom to bath only include nail trimming, ear and gland cleaning. For our daycare kids we only charge for a half day of daycare ( either the morning or afternoon session ) for a Full Groom

Full grooming: includes bathing, blow-drying, trimming, and a hair cut all over. 

Bath and Tidy : includes bathing, blow-drying, and basic trimming of certain areas such as eyes, paws etc

Bath Only : includes bathing and blow-drying

Hand Stripping : we offer hand stripping for those terriers with wire coats


Grooming / Styling / Trimming

Prices will be quoted at time of appointment.  Indication of prices:

Small dog from $65
Medium dog from $ 70
Large dog from $ 85

If your dog has excessive knots or mats, we will discuss the best option for your loved one as as removal can be extremely painful and stressful for your dog. An additional charge will apply for those extra matted or larger dogs based on the time required.  We advise all clients to regularly brush their dog, however we offer an array of basic grooming services if help is required.


Health and Hygiene
Full bathe Includes bathing and blow-drying, nail trimming, ear and gland cleaning
  Small from $30  
  Medium from $40
  Large from $50
  Special / Extra large $ 60.00 and upwards  
Nail trimming / Ear cleaning  
$ 15.00per service
Teeth Cleaning
 Brush only
From $ 20.00 purchase of tooth brush required

 Descaling From $ 40.00