Barkley Manor is a state of the art, fully secure facility catering for all your dog's needs.

Purposely divided into dedicated activity areas, our full attention is given to ensuring a daily, stress free environment. We provide extensive parking and a beautiful welcome lobby, reception and retail area for our two-legged friends; and Daycare, Grooming Salon, indoor and outdoor Training Areas, Puppy Academy, and Quiet rooms for our four-legged ones.


At Barkley Manor we are committed to providing a daily schedule of play, rest, learning and socialising for your dog. Our staff members are specially chosen for their training, their experience and their passion for creating a healthy, stress-free, fun environment.

We have a real open door policy that allows you to see everything we do whenever suits you.  In our sumptuous reception area we have a live video link into the main daycare and windows and walkways so you can enjoy the fun too.

We love to let you see your loved one having fun!!

Feel free to come and visit us anytime, or call Krista or Jeanette on 09 376 8622 if you need more information. Alternatively you can email us on

Woodbury Park

Divided into 3 huge spaces, Woodbury Park is where our bigger more boisterous kids hang out.  The Ball Room with its dedicated 'chuckit' wall is all about high energy - giving the ball chasers and active kids the chance to really get their minds and bodies active.

The Clubhouse, designed as a series of platforms with easy access to the clubhouse lets the dogs jump and chase each other.   Easily divided at quiet time it is the perfect area also for a quiet snooze.


Budleigh Gardens

A 2 dedicated big areas for the younger and medium sized  kids - with cushioned rubber flooring, these  guys sure get up some speed and create what we lovingly call the 'whirpool', chasing each other or the toys.  


 .... clambering on their very own platforms, wrestling in tunnels and on trampolines



But loving their training time treats and cuddles at quiet time.


Colehill Cottage

Located directly off reception, our Cottage is a house within a house dedicated to our tiny tots and puppies.  With sumptuous couches and beds for our 'loungers, or jungle gyms and equipment for our crazier kids, there is a little something for all


A sea of shih tzus, chihauhaus, maltese and poodle mixes enjoy chasing, wrestling or lots of staff cuddles. Pretty cute to watch or on quiet days we love to bring our two legged clients in for some cuddles of their own.

Outside Spaces and Garden

With a dedicated area off each of the main play spaces, our kids have access outside all day for toilet breaks and some fresh.  Large enough for play time too, each area is a mix of concrete, trees and woodchip with plenty of room for crazy water pool time during the warmer summer months

Also accessible from each area is  a huge grass garden area where the kids really like to get their energy going and enjoy some much needed fun in the sun.



Daily Schedule 

At Barkley Manor we believe that routine and consistency are two of the keys to a dog’s happiness, we therefore provide a daily schedule of activities to enhance your dog’s day.

Barkley Manor Daily Schedule
7.30-9.30 am Drop off: Dogs arrive, wait calmly at gates and doors as they are assigned their playgroup for the day.
9.30 -10 am Settle in: Supervised by pack leaders, dogs are encouraged to play and interact with their pack.
10am-1pm Playtime - a variety of toys and games for all to enjoy - Ball Mayhem, Squeaky Madness Rope Tug, Pool Games, Gym class
Barkley Manners:
  Pack leaders reinforce basic good behaviour and teach new tricks with some yummy treats.
1.00-2.00pm Naptime: The lights are dimmed, sleep areas are assigned, each dog is given a cuddle and a health check… some much-needed peace is provided for dogs and pack leaders.
2.00-4.00pm Playtime: More supervised fun and exercise. Using non-destructible and interactive toys, dogs are encouraged to play, tug, roll, chase and find.
4.00-5.00pm Settle time: Time to settle down before you arrive, playgroups are mixed if suitable
5.00-6.00pm Home time: Time to form an orderly queue, put leads on and head home for dinner and some much-needed rest before the next exciting day begins.


Cleanliness is next to "Dogliness".

Yes , that is my dog Dudley, pre and post groom !!

As an owner of a particularly 'groom needing' breed I had experienced first hand how hard it was to find a groomer that not only kept my rather 'grubby' boy clean and healthy, but also understood that I wanted him to look a particular way as well.  I wouldn't class myself as an overly fussy mum, but I was a little disappointed with the options that were out there and more than a little frustrated that some groomers just wanted to make Dudley look like a poodle because they didn't have the skills or desire to do anything else. Luckily I found someone who made me realise what I wanted was possible, and that is what I want to offer to you.

I launched Barkley Manor grooming not just as a compliment to our daycare and training facility, but as a grooming salon that aims to offer you what YOU want and need.

Located in a large open plan space, you can watch the groomers work their magic !

We have a team of trained groomers, who provide full grooming, clipping and styling services, using the latest tools and techniques to ensure that your dog is not only looking his /her best, but is feeling great too.

Feel free to come and have a look around, or if you want to make an appointment call 09 376 8622 or email .  All groom prices are quoted before your appointment, but for an indication of our prices visit 'rates'

What makes us a breed apart ?

Your dog's health and happiness comes first !

  • We are a cage free salon - yes it makes life 'crazy' sometimes, but the dogs love their stress free time with us 
  • All dogs receive baths, nail trims, anal gland checks and ear cleaning
  • We cater for dogs no matter how 'matted' - unlike many groomers who seem to chastise owners for this , we work with you to help your loved one stay healthy and be comfortable
  • We routinely conduct health checks, and will advise if your dog may need a vet visit, or worm and flea treatments.
  • We offer specialist care if your dog suffers from skin or joint issues.
  • We only use specialist shampoos - including those for more sensitive skin
  • Daycare is situated in the same building allowing your loved one to play first and then be pampered
We have the skills and techniques to offer styles that suit YOUR dog.
  • Our very own team of Edward Scissor hands - Jennifer, Maya, Jo, Jay, Saori and Chelsi are passionate advocates of using their skills to style your dog how you like
  • We have created and named our very own styles for ALL breeds .... ask about the Teddy Bear and Lamb cuts
  • We train all our staff to be able to use creative techniques and  styles - no more 'clip off' nightmares
  • We are not stuck in tradition or only focused on dog show cuts - yes some of our groomers 'show' their dogs and win awards, but we would like to offer our clients the choice
  •  We understand the evolving mix of cross breeds e.g. the 'oodles' and styles e.g. wanting your loved one to always look like a puppy

Your loved one does not need to be a Daycare member as our open plan, cage free salon provides a safe, stress free environment for all of our grooming dogs.


They say that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but we do expect all dogs, of all ages, to display good Barkley Manners.

At Barkley Manor we recognize that your dog is part of your family. In partnership with Jess Allsop - Training Dogs for Life we help  train you and your dog to cope with everyday doggy “challenges” so that you can live together happily- understanding each others needs. Our training principles are based on you and your dog having a positive relationship where your dog does as you wish because it wants to, rather than because it has to. Why? A dog that looks up to its owner and therefore wants to please its owner is a reliable happy dog. Dogs that are physically forced into compliance live lives full of unhappiness, stress and anxiety, a space that is counter-productive to learning.

Using positive methods of reinforcement and clearly showing your dog what you require of it makes for a great learning environment, where your pooch can thrive.

It’s About You and Your Dog

  • Groups limited to smaller numbers of 6 - 8,  to maximise learning experience.

  • Only positive , reward based techniques used ... no more yanking on leads!

  • Classes  catering to all ages and experience levels.

  • Each class tailored to your experience and needs

  • Schedule of weekday and weekend classes to ensure we fit into your busy lives 

  • Families and couples encouraged to join in.

  • Lots of games and off lead activity to ensure both you and your dog have fun!

  • Indoor facility ensuring not even the Auckland weather can spoil your training time.

 for more information please visit or feel to call her direct on 09 634 5637