WHAT WE OFFER IN THE COUNTRY (Like kennel free dog boarding)

Your Dog’s All Weather Park

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The Barkley Manor Country Park is a truly magical place only 40 minutes drive North of our Barkley Manor City Park in Grey Lynn, 150 acres of private and peaceful forest, meadow and pasture land , with streams and swim holes through out, a waterfall and the type of big sky views that even the dogs feel more alive.

Our passion for dogs that visit the forest is Free Running - no leads, no collars, no strangers, no demands. However for this to be safe and fun for all we are committed to a unique model

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Barkley Manor Country Park

Forest Adventures


On a Forest Group walk  the "Forest Monkeys"  as we affectionately call them, are loaded on the School Bus and taken for a day trip. Being a monkey is about having the freedom to run, explore, sniff, chase, swim, plunge, shout with joy, jump, chase, chew, smell, hunt, amble and roll in mud.

We specialise in creating different experiences for different groups - young pups country enrichment, older and slower, hunters and gatherers, too shy for public parks - we want to celebrate your dog being themselves.

We ask that all puppies / dogs join our daycare first so we can start the Bonding process and optimise which day and group they are best suited to.

If your dog has already attended daycare

Forest Retreats


Let your loved one hang out with their friends on a perfect country holiday at the HOMESTEAD - a purposely designed, open plan home, staffed round the clock for the ultimate in overnight care.

Divided into size and temperament groups, the overnight Forest Monkeys have fun packed days exploring their own country wonderland - with 5 fully fenced areas there is something for everyone - the Meadow for chasing and playing tag, the Grotto for social gatherings, the Spring for bombing and swimming, the Verandah for sunbathing and snoozing and the Dell for hunting and snuffling all the good smells.

We advise putting your requests in early, especially for public holidays as our retreats do fill up

Training Retreats

lucy horizontal barkour.jpg

Whether topping up on some manners or learning some cool new things a combination of forest retreat, day training and then a structured handover to you, is all tailored to your needs.

All dogs benefit and enjoy a refresh or adding new learning - we like to use the relaxed and positive back drop of a retreat to then add ‘lessons’ - we create programs that optimise long term success by actively getting you as owners involved at the beginning and end of the retreat.

It can be an uniquely rewarding way to not only reconnect but ensure you and your puppy / dog are leading your best life together.

Free Running - no leads, no collars, no strangers, no demands. 

We are committed to a unique model for this to be safe and fun for all dogs & humans

Daycare kids only - our passion is  knowing the kids first so we ask that all adventurers attend a daycare meet and greet first

Group Dynamics - our forte is the experience and knowledge of your dog/s and what suits them best. We create groups based on energy, attitude and safety.

Two Barkley Staff - no matter the group size we will always have two staff including a Senior - both Pet First Aiders.

Private Property - no unknown dangers, large fenced areas and free running spaces, established tracks, access to water in  swim holes, ponds and streams -  the forest is resplendent with birdlife and the home for quite a few cheeky possums -  but we are a poison free zone!

School Bus designed to be safe and comfortable - No letting dogs rattle around in vans! Individual harness points  - Personal space - own non slip area  with bedding - freedom of movement but 100% security - no cages - Air conditioning and fresh air fans

Drop off and Pick up at Barkley - We actively aim to limit vehicle time and have  two routes to the Forest to avoid traffic issues

Post Adventure routines - Hot / Cold Showers - Towel down - Health Check - Grass Seed checks 


the basics

Joining the Forest family

becoming a monkey

All dogs attend a trial Forest Group walk. A  "Forest Monkey"  as we affectionately call them, is any Barkley dog that loves the freedom to run, explore, sniff, chase, swim, plunge, shout with joy, jump, chase, chew, smell, hunt, amble and roll in mud… true “free running”

free running is Dog for the Soul

After a Forest romp the kids are not only tired but have had a perfect ‘being themselves’ experience - they have worked their brains as well as their brawn, and we feel pretty damn good too.

social sharing

We love parents to join us at our weekend Social Events, but also let you enjoy the Forest monkey fun with the best pics and video on Instagram and Facebook pages.

overnight kennel / cage free

if your loved one has had a successful daycare evaluation the option to explore an Overnight stay is available.

Whether for a weekend break or a longer holiday stay you can be safe knowing they are enjoying their own unique holiday in the


Our purpose built overnight stay facility is a cage free ‘home’ for our bigger and smaller kids - with open plan living for day and night comfort, staff living with the kids and onsite 24/7, and the freedom to enjoy a home from home experience with their friends and surrogate parents.

Acres of outdoor fun

Designed with indoor / outdoor flow for all year round sun and shelter, access to 10 acres of fully fenced meadow and forest day play spaces, and unique fresh water streams and features. Access to a further 140 acres for true free running adventures


Forest Adventures for Dogs

All dogs must attend daycare evaluation.

Session Rate
Casual $55
1 x weekly $50
2 x weekly $47

Overnight Dog Retreats

Overnight stays charged per day - includes all daycare from check in before 1.00 to check out after 1.00 pm.

Stay Length early pick up/late drop off Rate per day
1 to 4 days -$20 $55
5 days and over -$20 $50
Transport per trip to and from $10 each way
Food charged by size and frequency On request

Dog Training Retreats

Day Training courses charged in addition to overnight stay or Specialist care charged per day

Training Sessions Rate
Day Training 4 x Sessions $120
Barkour / Off Road 4 x Sessions $120
Stay and Train Per Day $75


Open 7:15am - Close 6pm. Late fees apply. Half day pick up before 1pm.


Drop off CITY PARK 7:15am - 9.30 am Pick up - no later than 6pm.

Drop off / Pick up at Country Park by arrangement only