Dog Grooming

We pride ourselves on tailoring our dog grooming services to you and your dog’s needs. We also offer Dog Daycare & Dog / Puppy Training

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At our Dog Grooming Salon

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When you bring your dog in for a dog grooming appointment we will discuss your dog groom wishes in detail and will provide an estimate of grooming time and a quote.  We offer all types of dog grooming from scissoring, styling, clipping and hand-stripping to bath only - each includes nail trimming, ear and gland cleaning. Our passion is creating a look and design that is not only stylish but practical too.

For our daycare dogs we only charge for a half day of dog daycare ( either the morning or afternoon session ) for a Full Dog Groom

Our Dog Grooming Services

see our grooming rates

Full Dog Groom

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Whether you need a dog groom consisting of Clipping or a full Scissoring Style - all dog grooms include bathing, blow-drying, trimming, and a hair cut all over.  

Bath & TiDY

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Our Bath and Tidy dog grooming service includes bathing, blow-drying, and basic trimming of certain areas such as eyes, paws etc - or you can opt for Bath only.

Quick Dog Groom

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We offer an array of dog grooming add ons or quick dog grooming services such as Nail clips, Eye trims, Paw trim, Knot management, Teeth clean.

Hand Stripping

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We offer hand stripping for those terriers with wire coats & benefit from having hand stripping done rather than clipping.


Dog Grooming Rates

Full Dog Groom - Bath - Tidy and Quick Dog Groom service Rates

These rates are base rates and may vary depending on specific needs N.B.Full Dog Groom - base rates assume a short coat groom with basic styling. If you want a longer coat, more detailed scissoring and / or de-matting rather than clip off the additional charges will apply.

Service Dog Size Rate
FULL DOG GROOM clip / scissor / trim Short coat and styling
FULL DOG GROOM Small from $70
FULL DOG GROOM Medium from $80
FULL DOG GROOM Large from $100
FULL DOG GROOM Extra Large from $130
SPECIAL STYLING extra scissoring per 15 minutes $15
FULL BATHE Wash / dry / brush
FULL BATHE Small from $30
FULL BATHE Medium from $40
FULL BATHE Large from $60
FULL BATHE Special / Extra large from $100
Nail trim/ Ear clean any $15 per service
Quick Groom e.g. tidy feet / eyes /ears - from $20
Teeth cleaning - Brushing plus toothbrush $20

CITY PARK - Open 7:15am - Close 6pm. Late fees apply. Half day pick up before 1pm.

COUNTRY PARK - drop off / picks ups at the City Park or by arrangement. Half day before/after 1pm.


super styling

A dog groom above the rest

cage free

Yes our salon can be 'crazy' with puppy energy sometimes, but the dogs love their stress free time with us. 


We love finding a style that suits your dog and creating a maintenance program to help you keep that style all year around.


We routinely conduct health checks, and will advise if your dog may need a vet visit, or worm and flea treatments. 


We train all our staff to be able to use more scissoring techniques and creative   styles - no more 'clip off' nightmares

award winning

We are not stuck in tradition or only focused on dog show cuts - yes some of our groomers 'show' their dogs and win awards, but we would like to offer our clients the choice.

specialist care

We only use specialist shampoos - including those for dogs & puppies with more sensitive skin.

We offer specialist care if your dog suffers from skin or joint issues.


Puppy & Dog Daycare is situated in the same building allowing your loved one to play first and then be pampered.


We cater for dogs & puppies no matter how 'matted' - unlike many groomers who seem to chastise owners for this , we work with you to help your loved one stay healthy and be comfortable.


Book a Dog Groom

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