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What is the earliest age my dog can attend and do they have to be de-sexed?

We have specialist rooms and classes for all ages, but certain minimums

  • Puppies - 12 week and / or 7 days after final / booster vaccination

  • Maturer Dogs - any age if health and movement can be catered for safely

  • Dogs should be spayed or neutered at the age that your vet says suits their breed and size.

  • 10 months is the oldest we will accept a dog for the first time if they are entire, but we have no set age if a puppy has been with us since a young age, as attendance is dependent on their own behaviour and that of the group they are in.  We will discuss this with you if we feel a dog needs to take a break

All dogs must have up to date with Vaccinations and Boosters

  • DHPP (Canine distemper, Infectious Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Parainfluenza)



Not have stitches or be on any medication and / or have no physical ailment or restriction.


Can any dog come to Barkley manor or the country park?

The group play and off leash learning environment is quite simply not for all dogs. 

Dogs all have their own personalities, life experiences and temperaments - some thrive in the group life of daycare, some prefer the freedom of bigger space and smaller numbers and others need specialist care and consideration.

We offer a wide variety of options for all so please give us as much detail as possible on your application, as we have a comprehensive evaluation process, that lets us assess if your dog will be happy and safe in our environment.

All dogs must be actively socialised, have a good base of basic manners and / or be in training.

We cater for all varieties of personality and character but ask that any signs of resource guarding, aggression or excessive play styles be indicated and assessed for suitable attendance

We ask that all dogs attend an Evaluation period at Barkley Manor Grey Lynn before they can attend Barkley Manor Country Park as our model is uniquely focused on knowing your dog well first.

We have quiet spaces with sleep crates for some of our younger or older dogs that might need extra rest


Are there staff with the dogs, how many and what training do they have?

There is never any part of the day when the dogs are alone - we have a leash free, and for the bigger dogs collar free, philosophy in all aspects of the business, even when the dogs are sleeping and or in Quiet Time

Our job in daycare , during overnight stays or on forest adventures is akin to “parent meets teacher”, and we have a staff volume and mix that varies depending on the needs, energy and demands of the dogs in each area. Some areas are 1 on 1-6 , some of our bigger play areas may have 3 staff to 45 , however each play space is optimised for safety first.

Our staff join us with a breadth of Qualifications and Experience from NZ and International Canine Handling and Animal Management courses. All of our staff complete our in-house Training Course, and received ongoing training through International Online Programs in reading Body Language, Positive learning techniques, Canine Enrichment and Health and Safety.

Our focus is on teaching and giving positive guidance to all the dogs in our care, and we ask all the dogs to follow the

5 basic Rules of LIFE

No Pushing - No Jumping - No Shouting for attention - No bullying and the most important Listen when your name is called


What dog handling techniques do you use ?

We have a positive re-enforcement focus in that we use a ‘reward based’ and ‘enrichment’ techniques and ‘timeout’ / ‘rest time’ philosophies.

The philosophy of daycare, adventuring and overnight stays is to focus on encouraging, rewarding and teaching good manners and each day / walk is geared towards the dogs using their brains as a priority, then managing the optimal combination of play and rest depending on the age and size of the dogs in each group.

We have created, and maintain, a series of techniques and programs that help all the dogs under stand the balance between good fun and good behaviour. Whether following the 5 Rules of Life, the Bonding Cycle or our ‘Interrupt Reward Release’ technique, our aim is to reward the good and discourage the bad.

We do not use aversive techniques or tools such as electric, spray or e collars or prong collars, but will use time outs in buffer zones to aid calming


What happens if my dog is injured or becomes unwell?

Our staff are with the kids every moment of the day , and get to know them well enough that we see or feel things in real time. As dogs will be dogs and bugs will be bugs, we have a Staff to Senior protocol that ensures that there is always a senior staff member available to review any sickness or injury.

If they believe your loved one is not well, showing signs of not being themselves or has an injury we will immediately call you and make the best decision with you.

In the case of emergencies or if you are not free to come and pick them up we have the support of a Vet clinic just 200 metres up the driveway from the City Park and a 24 Hour Vet on call at the Country Park.


What if my dog is being a bit naughty?

For some that join the daycare the environment and / or group play set up causes either over-stimulation or too high a risk of learning bad habits rather than good - if we believe either to be at play one of our Senior Experience Leaders will chat through options.

We offer day training and / or one on one sessions with our own onsite Trainers or may discuss a mixed program of both.

We passionately believe that our role is to be your dogs advocate so we will always be being open and honest about the suitability of daycare, adventures and our unique overnight services.


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