perfect PUPPY TRAINING program

The sweet spot to start Puppy Training for any family and their new puppy, is at Juvenile puppy stage 8 - 20 weeks, where their puppy brain is not only like a sponge for learning but it’s also the puppy stage where the type of experiences that they have can truly define the future you have with them.

Our passion is training puppies, not just for the puppy cuteness overload but for the sheer joy of seeing how their puppy minds can be supported and steered for the very best life, not only for the puppies life for for your life too.



6 week Puppy Training Program tailored to YOUR life & your new puppy.

Our Puppy Training Program was developed using proven scientific research & over a decade of experience using an approach that is positive, structured and a fun way to introduce your new puppy into YOUR life, now & laying a good foundation for the years to follow with the new member of your family.


home visits

  • Puppy Potting Training Tips

  • Puppy Proofing - set up your home as your new addition arrives

  • Puppy Perfection - alongside puppy training classes, we work to master any challenges and create the prefect week for you and your puppy.


Puppy daycare

  • Daily special puppy training groups

  • Focus on learning, playing and lots of resting for developing puppy minds

  • Training Dogs for the 5 Rules of Life and Basic Manners



  • Weekend / After work classes

  • Socialising and learning for you and the family

  • Small training groups / personal care and attention