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Well, I have Dudley, my retriever / poodle cross to thank for making Barkley Manor a reality rather than a much talked about idea, and Rory a.k.a Numbnuts, my second child, for helping me grow it into the family of services it is now.

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I grew up in Devon England with a varying sized pack of red setters, gordon setter, collie / setter cross and a rather feisty cocker spaniel. It's fair to say that getting a dog of my own was always going to happen when life allowed. Dudley not only changed my every day, but allowed me to meet the wonderful array of owners and dogs that inspired me to make Barkley Manor a reality. I had a background in sales and marketing and worked in London for 13 years in media and digital TV so not only was this a huge change, but finally a ‘life gone to the dogs’ became a good thing.

Having fallen in love with New Zealand, I brought my family out to be with me too - and its fair to say that Barkley Manor and all of the wonderful people I get to share it with have given us a life I never knew was possible. My commitment is to make Barkley Manor and the Barkley Manor Country Park truly special places; where dogs can truly be dogs, owners can be assured of the ultimate in care and quality, and our staff can live their career dream.