Hi I am Lizzie and am a Daycare Experience Leader.  I have been with Barkley since September 2015.

My interest in animals started when I was very young, strangely enough I found it easier to make connections with them than with people!  

Throughout my life my passion for them has grown a lot and they have always played a huge part in my life. I began my work with animals at a cattery when I was 15 as I had assumed I was a ‘cat person’. It wasn’t until I started working at a boarding kennel when I was about 23 that my love of dogs developed and realised I was in fact a ‘dog person’.   Since then I have studied at Unitec, completing a degree in Animal Management & Welfare.  I am currently working on a Certificate in Zoo-Keeping as my ambition for the future lies in working with exotic species, to further expand my experience with animals. 

However, moving on from Barkley is proving to be a challenge as I have fallen in love with so many of the dogs here since I started 19 months ago. I love being able to spend my days working with the various sizes, shapes and of course personalities that are all part of the Barkley Manor client base. 

It is also reassuring to know I am working with a great team of people that I know will always be there to help me out and support me when needed.

I have a beautiful dog of my own at home, a dachshund x shitzu called Jack. He is older now and more than happy to lounge around at home.

Recently my beloved dog Tinkerbelle (pitbull x) passed away…… always too soon.