Miko and Mon

Miko and Mon

Hi I’m Monique, a Daycare Experience Leader at Barkley Manor and I have been working in the day care Since June 2014.

I am owned by a beautiful, if somewhat eccentric Dalmatian called Miko. 

I grew up with dogs, lots of dogs, my parents bred and showed the beautiful, elegant, but clownish Afghan Hound. Weekends were spent traveling to dog shows around the North Island in dad’s beloved Holden Kingswood.

After a succession of unfulfilling jobs I decided to return to what I was passionate about as a child, which was animals and in particular dogs. In 2004 I gained qualifications in both Animal Care and Animal Management (Canine Behaviour & Training) and since that time I been working with our canine friends as a dog trainer - running classes and one on one sessions, a dog walker and canine hydrotherapist.

 I have a keen interest in the science of dog training and behaviour. Barkley Manor certainly gives me plenty of opportunity to observe dog behaviour and their body language!

I guess you could say I have returned full circle as I find myself once again surrounded by a large family of dogs at Barkley Manor.