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Hi all! My name is Nahila and I am from Argentina. I have been living here and being part of the Barkley Manor family since 2018. 

NZ is the country I choose to live, for its beautiful people, amazing landscapes and especially, because I have the pleasure of being part of this team and be surrounded by all my four-legged friends.

Being with animals is what gives me more happiness in this world and that's why I choose it every day.

I worked in a Pet Hotel in Argentina and I have also studied canine behaviour and fashion design. I have two dogs: "Lola", a 10 years old Beagle, and "Lolo" rescued from the street, the sweetest and most grateful dog I had in my life. They are in Argentina with my family and I miss them a lot but being here playing all day with dogs and receiving their love, makes me very happy.

Finding Barkley Manor is the best thing that could have happened to me, a place where we all take care of dogs as if they were our babies. If I had a difficult day, the only thing I have to do is to hug a dog, share the energy and I know that everything will be fine. 

It is beautiful to see how they grow, learn, share time with their friends, being free, running. And we are with them in this learning process, while they are playing in a calm and safe environment.

My goal for this year is to be happy in this beautiful country, enjoying the little things, and to continue meeting wonderful people, sharing my smile and my positive energy. Come and visit us!