Hi my names Taylor and I am a Daycare Assistant at Barkley Manor.  I have been working at Barkley Manor since July 2017.  

I have a beautiful German Shepard called Bobby who I unfortunately don't live with now that I'm flatting.

I have always adored big dogs as I've only ever had big dogs at home, but the little dogs in tots never fail to melt my heart. 

After leaving school I studied travel and tourism and went on to work for a supermarket, a cruise ship company and then at the Sky Tower at “sky jump and sky walk”.  

Outside of work I love to get up to anything that will get my adrenaline pumping. 

I have always loved being around dogs (who doesn't) so when I heard about Barkley through a customer at my previous job, I knew this was what I needed to be doing.   So, I contacted Krista and here I am. Out of all the jobs I've had this one has made me the happiest and I feel very lucky to miss my job when I'm not there.