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Hey I'm Tess. I've been here at Barkley Manor Since September 2016.  I am a Daycare Assistant and I've been absolutely loving it.

I've always been a lover of animals since day one, I've spent my whole life working with horses and have always had a dog in the house. I spent a couple of years at uni studying animal care/management and completed my Canine Behaviour & Training Certification. Let's just say I'm dog mad! :)

I'm also a musician the other half of the time and am currently in a duo called Dunes so hopefully you hear me on the sound waves soon!

Of course, I can't forget my own baby girl Cuba, who is a 6 year old Bull Mastiff x who is just a big friendly giant and loves to swim.  I also have one horse Bella who is 17 (getting on a bit now) who used to be an ex pacer and is now living out her days grazing by the beach.

I'm stoked with the new family here at Barkley Manor and hope to keep my dream of working with dogs and being a successful musician just as real as each other!