Praise Be

To Dog

Milo — German Shorthaired Pointer
Woodbury Park / Fantail House

At Barkley Manor, your beloved dog becomes an adored family member from the moment they walk through our doors. We provide an environment where we revere every dog, welcome their human and celebrate a shared and undeniable love for our canine companions. We are your furry kid’s true home away from home.

Dog Daycare

We pack each day with a perfect blend of playful learning, enrichment, invigorating exercise and rest to nurture sharp minds, strong bodies, and uplifted souls. Find out more...

Forest Adventures

Our Forest Adventures are more than a walk in the park; they celebrate the freedom of running wild in the great outdoors. Find out more…

Groom Salon

Forget cages and confinement – we provide a relaxed, free-range, and stress-free grooming environment. Find out more…

Groom Salon


Force-free and positive reinforcement techniques underpin our training culture. We teach basic commands and unravel learned behaviours in a safe and nurturing environment. Find out more…

Great place, very knowledgeable and caring staff

Highly professional establishment for your dogs, you won’t be disappointed.

— Timofey

Truly 5 star doggy daycare! 

Every dog rushes in as they love school, the staff take such incredible care  and show so much love for every dog! Their online booking is a dream and I love waiting for the daily photos and videos to see what Blossom has been up too! Highly, highly recommend!! 🙂

— Kristen