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At the heart of what we love and do is our passion for truly knowing and caring for all of the puppies and dogs entrusted in our care. Each staff member approaches each day, class, group or individual with a level of love and attention akin to surrogate parent meets teacher, in a process we call the “Bonding Cycle”.

Whether having fun with daycare friends in our City Park or free-running with the forest monkeys at our Country Park, learning new things in day training classes or getting their brain whirring in our enrichment sessions, taking things slowly in our one-on-one de-sensitisation groups or running flat tack with a gang of classmates, we ensure that your gorgeous puppy or dog’s every hour, day or week is perfectly suited to their own personality and needs.

Tiny Tots - Ball Time

Tiny Tots - Ball Time

classes catering for all needs

A Dedicated 2-legged Team

Our two legged team are truly a breed apart - with a diverse mix of ages and backgrounds, coupled with a depth and breadth of dog and puppy daycare, training, enrichment and health and safety experience and certification, we share not only a common, and insatiable, adoration for our four legged friends but a mutual commitment to ensuring a quality of love and care that we are always proud of. And we know you will be too. We take it very seriously that you entrust your precious ones with us and welcome any and all questions and requests you might have to ensure we are getting it just right for them and you.

Our role call of dogs and puppies is divided into three main Classes ( see below ) and we have a dedicated roster of staff for each class to focus on creating the bond and friendship we want everyone to experience.

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colehill sign.png
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special kids.. special bonds

Crazy Colehill

Little legs big atttitude - they may come in smaller packages but they certainly pack a lot of character. Divided into 4 very different areas - the Tots ladies have created a world of fun, laughter, learning and lots of love - in this brightly coloured Cottage world the shy and the confident both get to shine.

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budleigh kids outside.jpg

good friends … big smiles

Bonkers Budleigh

Lovingly dedicated to our Puppy Stagers – still in their 4 – 12 month puppy phases, with crazy uncoordinated limbs and painted on ears this class are a joy to watch - the dedicated Budleigh staff concentrate on the perfect rotation of learning manners, having fun and taking a much needed rest.

woodbury sign.png
ball time .jpeg

ball time … focus time

Whacky Woodbury

Bigger, Better, Older, Wiser – 3 big play areas dedicated to a variety of fun and games for our bigger and older kids. The Woodbury staff have created a varied mix of activities and games in different areas of the facility at different times of the day to suit all energy and personality types.



We get to know your dogs personality type

We get to know your dog’s personality by understanding not just their breed proclivities, but their life stage, lifestyle and history. We know their mood is as changing as ours, but what sits in all of their hearts and minds are character traits and shared behaviours. By always treating the kids as individuals, we build a bond and love that is rather special, but by also letting the kids socialise and play with likeminded kids at school they get the most positive and enhancing experience.

BM Hedgehog house shield.png
BM Otter house shield.png
BM Fantail house shield.png

Just a little something else we’ve been doing for the past 10 years…


Yearly School Photos

Every year we do our very own School Photos - each year using the House Colours we choose a theme and get a professional photographer to catch the kids at their best - such fun and the results are divine.


I’ve got lots of friends. I love being in

Otter House


I’m always busy busy. I love being in

Fantail House


I know how to be funny. I love being in

Hedgehog House


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School Report Cards

To accompany each set of photo's we also work long and hard to compile our yearly  Report Cards - and what a reception they receive!!  It is the cause of much conversation as our parents digest the year their loved one has had at Barkley Manor. We see it all  from the parents; comparing grades with other parents, laughing at the antics and best known traits of their four legged family member, some marvel at their cherished one's achievements, some nervously laugh at their lesser grades, everyone smiles at the list of friends that their child has made, and all share their pride with everyone and anyone!


Active, Sporty, Competitive

Social Butterfly

charlie comrie.png

Social, Playful & carefree

Sports Star

daisy walker.png

Smart, Creative, Sensitive

Class genius


Supporting Paw Justice


Sometimes you meet people who are way beyond just 'good guys', and we have had the honour of not only meeting but supporting Craig and Shaughn, the brains and paws behind this cause! We all get frustrated by the injustices thrust upon the innocent in our modern society but these guys got angry enough to decide to affect some change. Whether signing their petition for a change in the sentencing laws for cruelty to animals or buying one of their Tshirts / DVD's to raise funds for their amazing activities you can join in their crusade - we are 100% with them and behind them and we hope you are too.

Visit them at or sign the petition next time you come to see us.

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