Forest Adventures

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Friday’s Forest Adventure

Forest Adventures — Where good times run wild and spirits soar.

At Barkley Manor, we believe in creating extraordinary experiences that nurture the soul and forge lasting memories. Our Forest Adventures are where good times grow wild, and every paw print left behind tells a story of adventure.

More than a walk in the park, these adventures celebrate the freedom of the great outdoors and promise to enrich the lives of your beloved fur kid.

Set on privately owned land and accessed by a short ride in Barkley’s school bus, we pack every moment with the perfect blend of discovery, play and relaxation. Whether enjoying a supervised romp through the underbrush, games of fetch in the meadow, a quick dip in one of the ponds, or a quiet stroll along the trails, our Forest Adventures foster an environment where every spirit soars. 

Having the forest adventure option is perfect for my high energy pointer

Barkley is an amazing place for my dog. The staff are caring and attentive and really get to know the dog’s personalities. Thanks Barkley team!

— Kayla 

Top class dog care

The best I have seen from the top down.

— Jason