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Yodel Lady Chew – Saint Bernard
Woodbury House / Otter House

Dog Daycare — We cater to every whim and whisker.

We’ve crafted our approach to daycare around the notion that every dog is unique. We embrace the quirks and charms that make your kids who they are, indulging their every whisker with care and canine comfort.

We pack each day with a perfect blend of playful learning, enrichment, invigorating exercise and rest to nurture sharp minds, strong bodies, and uplifted souls.

Barkley Classes

With so many breeds, ages, and personalities joining our family, our first mission is to place your kid into their Barkley Class. We prioritise age, vitality, and size to ensure we group them with like-minded fur pals who will bring out the best in them.

Barkley Houses

Once settled into their class, we dive deeper into your kid’s essence, uncovering their unique needs, motivations, and distinct quirks; this helps us to place them in their Barkley House – Hedgehog, Otter or Fantail House. To do this, we allow for playful socialisation, giving them the freedom, space and time to reveal their true selves. As their confidence grows and their character unfolds, we learn which house will support them to thrive and enjoy their time with us.

To us, your kid is not just another face in the pack but a valued family member. Every day spent at Barkley celebrates their distinct spirit — from the tip of their nose to the top of their wagging tail! 

Active, Sporty and Competitive

Honouring our athletic champions, Fantails are ceaseless in their energy and desire to lead the pack and tireless in their pursuit of play. They pause momentarily for a snack or a quick cuddle before bounding to their next activity. Our Fantails are eager and determined. They are beloved members of the Barkley family.

Smart, Sensitive and Creative

Hedgehog House celebrates magnificent brains, free spirits and discerning souls. They may be quieter, but their brains are busy! Our Hedgehogs prefer a small, loyal group of friends and have a divine intensity that melts us.

Social, Playful and Carefree

The Otters are our social butterflies. Worries don’t belong to these playful and energetic kids; boundless social energy, on the other hand, they have this in spades. Our friendly Otters embody the spirit of camaraderie with an infectious enthusiasm and vibrancy unmatched. 

Couldn’t speak more highly of Barkley!

We have three small dogs and have been coming here for around five years since we got our first little friend. They all love it and it’s great having different spaces to suit all the doggy personalities. Feel very safe and at ease leaving our fur fam here for the day!

— Melanie

Amazing doggy daycare.

The staff are friendly, caring and know most of the dogs (even if you only come once/week). They separate the big and small dogs which is reassuring. My dog is always super excited when we arrive and tuckered out when he leaves.

— Annemiek