Groom Salon

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Austen — Toy Poodle
Colehill Cottage / Otter House

Groom Salon — Reimagined grooming services for a dog’s life.

Together with our team of professional groomers, we’ve reimagined the grooming experience. Forget cages and confinement – we provide a relaxed and stress-free environment where your kid can play and socialise before their treatment. 

Our grooming services cover everything from detailed scissoring to a quick bath and tidy-up. Our highly qualified groomers are committed to ensuring your dog looks great and is ready to get on with the practical things in life!

Our process is transparent. First, we chat about what you want. Then we give you an estimate of how much it’ll cost and how long it’ll take. No guesswork, just grooming and good-looking dogs! 

These guys are fantastic!!

I have a pomeranian and he is high maintenance. I had taken him to other groomers in the past and never been overly impressed… Well now he goes to Barkley Manor and he really enjoys his time there. The staff fuss over him and they always do such a great job of his grooming, he smells fantastic, ears are so beautifully shaped, his paws, his claws trimmed, a nice cut and they listen. Listening is important, us humans don’t like bad haircuts so why give your dog a bad haircut? I got them to give him a mohawk once and he looked like he had serious attitude.

— Tracey

Came home looking and smelling beautiful

Winnie’s first experience of grooming. She is 14 weeks old and they looked after her so well. She had a great time socialising with other dogs – Thanks team!

— Ali