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Piper Rowley — Golden Retriever
Woodbury Park / Hedgehog House

Your furry kid’s health and happiness are our highest calling.

At the heart of Barkley Manor lies a commitment to providing an environment where every dog is revered, and their human feels welcome. A place where your kid receives the love and care they deserve. A true home away from home.

We appreciate the hectic schedules and challenges inherent in modern pet parenting. Offering guilt-free help with their care, the Barkley family are your trusted partners and your kid’s devoted part-time parents. 

Recognising every dog’s individuality, we embrace the quirks and charms that make them who they are and cater to their every whim and whisker.

We pack each day with a perfect blend of playful learning, enrichment, invigorating exercise and rest to ensure sharp minds, strong bodies, and uplifted souls.

It all started in 2007 when our founder, Krista Strong, set up Barkley Manor as one of New Zealand’s original Dog Daycare centres.

Barkley Manor has always been about the love of dogs and prioritising the well-being of our furry companions above all else. In honour of Krista, we aim to preserve our roots by staying true to these values, all the while fostering a community where our dog families feel they truly belong.