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Dog Daycare lets your dog play, learn and socialise with like minded dogs


At this dog daycare, WE LOOK AT MORE THAN just YOUR DOGS SIZE, AGE, BREED and SEX …

We get to know your dogs personality type too

Dog Daycare for us is about treating dogs as individuals, we build a bond and love that is rather special, but by also letting the dogs socialise and play with likeminded dogs at school they get the most positive and enhancing life experience from Dog Daycare. We get to know your dog’s personality by understanding not just their breed proclivities, but their life stage, lifestyle and history. We know your dogs mood is as changing as ours, but what sits in all of their hearts and minds are character traits and shared dog behaviours.


At the heart of everything we do is our Dog daycare facility.


Our team work hard to ensure that the health, happiness and day to day experience of all the four legged ones in our Dog Daycare is paramount. This entails creating a daily schedule of fun, learning, socialising with other daycare dogs and rest time. We create a special bond with all of the daycare dogs and whether we see you on a weekly or casual basis for dog daycare, you are a part of this unique Barkley family.


Dog Daycare Rooms

We start from a belief that ‘dog daycare is not normal’ and work outwards, in that we give every puppy / dog the freedom, space and time to indicate how they feel about the dog daycare experience.


working the brain is our ultimate aim

Doggy Play Room, Quiet Room, VIP and Loft

We love the mix of characters and energy levels of our Tots (small daycare dogs) and the team ensure that each of the daycare dogs gets a variety of time inside and outside, and also the perfect mix of dog group size and activities. Launching the VIP and Loft have allowed us to go one step further and offer true one on one or small group sessions for even the shyest of dogs who will never fully join our dog daycare world but are still a part of the Barkley Manor Dog Daycare Family.


positve interaction teaches lifeskills

Doggy Play room, Brain Room and outside play

Our gorgeous daycare puppies may not yet have an off switch, so need our team to create the perfect balance of play, learning and rest. With a focus on our 5 Rules of Life and the Bonding Cycle, we let the dogs play for 10 minutes, learn for 10 minutes and rest for 20 minutes - rotating through the 3 spaces lets us practice good manners, provide a variety of interactive play and lots of brain work - setting a great foundation for life in doggy daycare and at home.


catering for all needs and loving it

Doggy Ball room, clubhouse, brain room and outside PLay

Our big daycare dogs not only need more space but a variety of different activities that lets them all explore their own big dog style. Whether charging flat tack in the ball room at chuck it time, playing hide and seek in the clubhouse with best four legged friends, or getting the brain cells fired up in our Brain Boom, it’s the balance of play and rest that makes our Woodbury Dog Daycare Rooms perfect for all. As some of our bigger dogs move into their maturer years we have the freedom to tailor a day to suit their dog minds even if their bodies aren’t as keen to keep up.


Just a little something else we’ve been doing for the past 10 years…


Yearly Dog Daycare School Photos

Every year we do our very own doggy daycare School Photos - each year using the House Colours we choose a theme and get a professional photographer to catch the dogs at their best - such fun and the results are divine.


I’ve got lots of friends at doggy daycare. I love being in

Otter House


I’m always a busy busy dog body. I love being in

Fantail House


I know how to be a funny frenchie. I love being in

Hedgehog House


Join the best Dog Daycare Park in Auckland City.

Did we mention that we are completely cage free & only use positive reinforcement for good dog behaviour?

We also offer a range of Dog Training Services as well as a “Tailored to you - Perfect Puppy Training Program“ with.


Dog Daycare School Report Cards

To accompany each set of yearly School Photo's we also work long and hard to compile our yearly Report Cards for your furry loved ones that attend our dog daycare - and what a reception they receive!!  It is the cause of much conversation as our parents digest the year their beloved dog has had at Barkley Manor. We see it all from the parents; comparing grades with other parents, laughing at the antics and best known traits of their four legged family member, some marvel at their dogs achievements, some nervously laugh at their lesser grades, everyone smiles at the list of friends that their child has made, and all share their pride with everyone and anyone!


Social Butterfly

charlie comrie.png

Sports Star

daisy walker.png

Class genius

the basics

Joining our Dog Daycare family

Dog Age

We have specialist rooms and classes for all dog ages, but certain minimums…

Puppies - 12 week and / or 7 days after final / booster vaccination.

Maturer Dogs - any age if health and movement can be catered for safely.


Dogs should ideally be spayed or neutered at the age that your vet says suits their breed and size. We have no set age as attendance is dependent on their behaviour and the other dogs, however after 10 months of age we see the majority will need to take a break, we will discuss this with you in advance.

Dog Health

All dogs must have up to date with Vaccinations for

  • DHPP (Canine distemper, Infectious Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Parainfluenza)



We also ask that dogs have:

  • no stitches

  • not be on any antibiotics.

  • disclose any injury or movement restriction.


All dogs must be actively socialised, have a good base of basic manners and / or be in training (ask us about dog / puppy training)

We cater for all varieties of personality and character but ask that any signs of resource guarding, aggression or excessive play styles be indicated. We do not allow or support use of aversive tools e.g. electric collars or anti-bark collars. Muzzles are also not suitable in our environment.


Dog Daycare Rates

Whether looking for Casual or a more regular schedule we have options for all.

All daycare credits are valid for 12 months and discounted rates are only available for Pre Paid credits.

2 Dog families get a 35% discount on all dog & puppy daycare packages.


Casual Daycare

This rate will apply if no credits are pre-purchased.

Casual Visits Rate
Evaluation / Re-Intro $30
Half day $30
Full day $45

Weekly Daycare Social

Available for standing reservation clients only. Credits can be used in any time frame, but package type must match number of standing reservations booked per week

Standing Reservation Half day package Full day package
1 per week - 5 credits $130 $200
2 per week - 10 credits $230 $370
3 per week- 15 credits $300 $525
4 per week - 20 credits $380 $660
5 per week - 25 credits $425 $750

Flexible Dog Daycare Social

Casual reservation credits purchased in advance.

Session Half day Package Full day Package
5 Credit Package $140 $210
10 Credit Package $250 $390

Overnight Stays for Dogs

Overnight stays charged per day - includes all daycare from check in before 1.00 to check out after 1.00 pm.

Stay Length early pick up/late drop off Rate per day
1 to 4 days -$20 $55
5 days and over -$20 $50
Transport per trip to and from $10 each way
Food charged by size and frequency On request

Forest Adventures for Dogs

All dogs must attend daycare evaluation.

Session Rate
Casual $55
1 x weekly $50
2 x weekly $47

Dog Daycare - Meet and Greet

Scheduled between 7.30 to 9.30 we meet you and your dog for a chat about life, expectations and history.


Only senior staff conduct evaluations,  getting to know more about your needs, your dogs needs and closely observing your dog’s body language and communication style. 


Your loved one is then introduced slowly to the right class / group based on size, age and personality. All dogs need ample time and space to get used to this new world.


After a few minutes we can tell if it is suitable for your dog to stay with us for the rest of the morning / day ... and you are free to head off and let them get to know their new family.


Join the best Puppy & Dog Daycare Park in Auckland City.