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Dog Daycare Rates

Whether looking for Casual or a more regular schedule we have options for all.

All daycare credits are valid for 12 months and discounted rates are only available for Pre Paid credits.

2 Dog families get a 35% discount on all dog & puppy daycare packages.


choose the Rates that best suit you

Casual Dog Daycare

This rate will apply if no credits are pre-purchased.

Casual Visits Rate
Evaluation / Re-Intro $30
Half day $30
Full day $45

Weekly Dog Daycare Social

Available for standing reservation clients only. Credits can be used in any time frame, but package type must match number of standing reservations booked per week

Standing Reservation Half day package Full day package
1 per week - 5 credits $130 $200
2 per week - 10 credits $230 $370
3 per week- 15 credits $300 $525
4 per week - 20 credits $380 $660
5 per week - 25 credits $425 $750

Flexible Dog Daycare Social

Casual reservation credits purchased in advance.

Session Half day Package Full day Package
5 Credit Package $140 $210
10 Credit Package $270 $390

Overnight Stays for Dogs

Overnight stays charged per day - includes all daycare from check in before 1.00 to check out after 1.00 pm.

Stay Length early pick up/late drop off Rate per day
1 to 4 days -$20 $55
5 days and over -$20 $50
Transport per trip to and from $10 each way
Food charged by size and frequency On request

Forest Adventures for Dogs

All dogs must attend daycare evaluation.

Session Rate
Casual $55
1 x weekly $50
2 x weekly $47

Ready To Join The Family


All you need to do is fill out your profile, load a copy of your dog / puppy’s vaccinations and a gorgeous picture and we will call to arrange your meet and greet. How exciting.


Daycare | Grooming | Training

Dog Grooming Rates

Full Groom - Bathe - Tidy and Quick Groom service Rates

These rates are base rates and may vary depending on specific needs N.B.Full Groom - base rates assume a short coat groom with basic styling. If you want a longer coat, more detailed scissoring and / or de-matting rather than clip off the additional charges will apply.

Service Dog Size Rate
FULL GROOM clip / scissor / trim Short coat and styling
FULL GROOM Small from $70
FULL GROOM Medium from $80
FULL GROOM Large from $100
FULL GROOM Extra Large from $130
SPECIAL STYLING extra scissoring per 15 minutes $15
FULL BATHE Wash / dry / brush
FULL BATHE Small from $30
FULL BATHE Medium from $40
FULL BATHE Large from $60
FULL BATHE Special / Extra large from $100
Nail trim/ Ear clean any $15 per service
Quick Groom e.g. tidy feet / eyes /ears - from $20
Teeth cleaning - Brushing plus toothbrush $20

CITY PARK - Open 7:15am - Close 6pm. Late fees apply. Half day pick up before 1pm.

COUNTRY PARK - drop off / picks ups at the City Park or by arrangement. Half day before/after 1pm.


Need to book a Dog groom?

we will discuss you needs on your appointment day

Please allow at least 2 hours from drop off to pick up - if you are interested in daycare for your dog too please follow the links above


Daycare | Grooming | Training

Dog & Puppy Training Rates

We offer a variety of bespoke, one on one day training options as well as classes that run in the evenings and over weekends.


Dog & Puppy Day Training

Extra tuition and enrichment during the daycare schedule. Rate in addition to daycare charges.

Training Sessions Rate
Refreshed Manners / The 5 Rules 4 x sessions $100
Puppy Enrichment Program 6 x sessions $150
Rise Up Calm Down 4 x sessions $120
Entry Exit Perfection 4 x sessions $100

Want to Add day training to your dogs daycare day ?

whether a refresh or learning new manners

Let us work with your loved one while they enjoy their day with us - either on specific issues or one of our manner refresh options



Owner and Puppy / Dog Training Classes

Small groups - age / experience appropriate classes - all weather facility - focus on fun, learning and off lead safety

Training Sessions Rate
Baby Puppy - 10 to 16 weeks 5 x Classes $249
Puppy Pre School Program 6 x classes $300
Toddler Puppies - 16 weeks plus 5 x classes $249
Refined Manners 5 x classes $249
Games, Tricks and Agility 4 x classes $249

1 on 1 / Behavioural Consult

Bespoke and personal approach to helping with any daily challenges

Consult type Sessions Rate
Behavioural Consult at Barkley 1 x 15 minutes free
Behavioural Consult at HOME 1st Session 2 hours / Follow Up $350-400 / $100-150
Training Consult 1 x 1hr Session $100-150

Ready to book a class or consult?

check out the latest class start dates in the training section

To book a class or arrange your free behavioural consult get in touch